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Fast delivery with the best rates possible for any item you request. Thanks to our partnerships with the best shipping companies, your package will be received within 15 days (US) or 10 days (Europe) to Lebanon .

Our support doesn't end here after your package leaves the facility, we constantly follow-up to guarantee the arrival of your package in good condition and on time. Monitor your shipment's progress as soon as it leaves the facility, through AWB # designated to your package Our customer services team will help you till receipt.

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Online shopping is the new trend of our tech-savvy generation, and to cover this requisition of such shipping services from Lebanon, Pro-ship has partnering with the leading shipping companies in order to create this new platform, with the aim to arrange shipping of any item required at the minimum cost & time possible from any destination assigned.

Our customized service was created to match our clients’ needs without extra formalities of any type.